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Launch Out provided me with inspiration, knowledge and take-aways from each of the speakers to implement into my life immediately so that I can work to pursue the dream I have for myself.Julie DeVisser

Launch Out gave me the belief and confidence in myself to start my dream business. It was a life-changing experience for me! – Jessica Garbarino

Launch Out Conference changes lives. It changed me. The people, on stage and off, challenge and encourage like no other event I’ve attended.Mike Loomis

The power of community manifested in one weekend is enough to fuel launches indefinitely. – David Mike, Author and Speaker

I connected with so many different people at Launch Out, that I now have a never-ending stream of inspiration, encouragement, and community to help me propel my dream. It has done wonders for my business but it has done even more for my life.Rachel Mayo

There’s nothing like a trusted friend who challenges you to be your very best. Launch Out gave me a room full of them! – Brett Smith

Launch Out Conference provides a unique environment for effectual change. I’ve been challenged to reach new heights and re-think the way I see my future. The intimate setting creates opportunities to build real community and a lifeline to some of the best entrepreneurial minds. You will be empowered to walk away ready to change your world. – Ronei Harden

A springboard for the soul to soar.Jen Moff

Attending Launch Out is an opportunity to see outside the imposing walls of disbelief, denial, and apathy that the world sets as rules. Launch Out is a safe place to find a bit of yourself that you thought was forever gone. – Heather Cloudt

Committing to participate at Launch Out lit a fire under me. It gave me a goal and a deadline and a mission. Without committing to Launch Out, I’d still be sitting on the couch binge watching old episodes of Lost. – Scott Cuzzo

No one can make you leap but you. But there are a whole lot of people here who will cheer for you while you leap, catch you if you stumble and get you back on your feet. – David Dollar

No matter where you are in your journey, this conference will help map your course, give you the tools to navigate, and be the wind that propels you in the direction of your dreams….Kimberli Nelson

Attending Launch Out was meeting hundreds of strangers that felt like family. I got my butt kicked and my shoulders hugged – just as I needed.Chuck Allen

Launch Out Conference enabled me to meet friends face to face that I knew from the internet. I was blessed in so many ways. I enjoyed the speakers and learned something from each one of them. I enjoyed purchasing items from people and supporting their businesses as well.Jill Barlow

I came away from Launch Out inspired to make the most of every moment while moving through life, not seeking an end to the goal but enjoying the journey.Lea-Ann McGregor

Launch Out Atlanta was amazing – not only as a presenter, but also as a participant. Launch Out always welcomes you as part of a big family of people that are ready to launch big and play big. It is a great opportunity to connect and network but also grow. I can’t wait for next year’s conference. – Isabel Hundt, Author, Vision & Transformation Coach, International Speaker


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–We Change the World by Jessica Jobes

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams…” Thoreau


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