“Three years ago I felt like my life was stuck, no forward motion. As I looked around I found I was not alone, a lot of people felt stuck. Like me, they had stopped dreaming.

They needed a place to surround themselves with dreamers, a platform to declare their dream publicly, and an opportunity to be motivated and equipped to get unstuck & move their life forward. Launch Out is entering it’s fourth year of creating this kind of community through live events that have successfully equipped people to engage life, embrace their dreams, and confidently embark on a new journey … launching their lives forward.

Sometimes this is expressed in the writing of a book, sometimes starting a business, and sometimes it just means choosing to make better decisions that will allow their life to progress forward; but it always results in people getting unstuck and getting on with their lives as they launch out.”   – Randy Langley, Launch Out Founder

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LaunchOut.com is a network of professionals committed to set your life in motion through the power of community.Goins quote compressed

Launch Out is an online space & live events that provide:

• Community (discussion forums & events)

• Communication (blogs, tools & links)

• Connection (an organized directory)

With a community dedicated to giving first you will discover helpful advice in the forums from professionals who have been where you are. You will receive focused communication on subjects to help you plan your next action. And you will be able to explore a directory of resources to find the right professional partner to help you move forward.





 “…launch something.”Jeff Goins, The Art of Work

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams…” Thoreau


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