Launch Out 2017 Speakers and “Presentation Titles”




Dallas Amsden – “The Dreamer’s Depression” 







David Bouchard – “See”





Camille Diaz – “Chaos. Purpose. Dreams.”






Michelle Discavage – “The Power of Yes”  





David Dollar – “Opportunity (whoomp there it is)”









Neha Ghelani – “Ban the Comfort Zone!”














Michele Clark Greene – “Flashes of Brilliance – You Don’t Always Need to be the Brightest”






Peter Greene – “Save Our Shields”












Aurora Gregory – “Want To Grow Your Business, Career or Message? You’ve Got To Get Picked To Speak”





Megan Hall / Deedra Mager – “Walking Dauntlessly into Partnerships that Thrive”






Matt Ham – “Redefine You”





Kay Helm – “The Gift of Doubt”









Charles Johnston – “When Compassion and Technology Collide”




Mike Lane – “Entrepreneurial Justice”





Casey Lewis – “The Faucet Economy”







Rachel Mayo – “It’s Ok To Not Be Ok”







Brian Mays – “Your Actions Impact Future Generations”




Jerrod Murr – “Smash Your Creative Blocks and Launch Your Dream”








Emeka Nnaka – “Overcoming Adversity to Move Your Life Forward”











Josh Olds – “Give Up: Finding Success by Letting Go”








Kelsie Olds – “Building a Launch Pad: Dream Now, Dream Often”












Emily Olson – “Apples, Oranges, and Kumquats: YOUR Wellness, YOUR Success”






Kyle Price – “Dream, Then Build”








Ronne Rock – “Discovering the Content Arc of Your Life”









Kirk Schauer – “Don’t Fear Solid Agreements; Communicate Clear Expectations”








Tash Stewart – “Managing Overwhelm While You Launch”














Tom Swan – “Detour Ahead, Road Closed”









Melissa Thomas – “Your Story, Your Legacy”




Brandon Verderber – “Your Greatest Dream”





Ramond Walker – “What’s Your Story? Mastering and Marketing Your Personal Narrative”









Tamarah West – “Free to Be the Greatest”








“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams…” Thoreau


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